abigail chu

poler stuff

poler stuff


a popular outdoor gear brand for adventurers wanted a display and retargeting ad campaign with Google Adwords [tone: down-to-earth, hipster, millennial].


digital ads


objective | to create digital online ads after researching designs that were successful with their click-through performance. we kept the ads very simple and direct to make it easily digestible at a glance. once designs were finalized, we also took the meticulous task of formatting the designs in various sizes to optimize and increase placement via Google Adwords. throughout the process, we made sure to reinforce the brand, while also truly communicating a particular lifestyle. 


big idea | to perhaps shift behavior and entice people to adopt a more active lifestyle. we want to encourage people to explore more and experience the wonders of the outdoors by offering a small visual glance at what it can truly be.


*photographs curated from client's collection of assets