abigail chu


direct yet conceptual.

urban yet minimal.

visual design for brands, publications, webs and people.

Live from the stage/my workspace

my gut instinct is to gravitate towards a subtle touch of disorder within order, often via a small element of surprise or hint of disruption. this is my way of remaining connected to humanity to achieve familiarity and intimacy. however, my love for clean and bold aesthetics makes this disorder meticulously planned—tightly edited and structured, ensuring that authenticity is preserved with a sense of effortlessness. i use my art history and communications background to hone my concepts with meaningful design decisions, and learn the most when pursuing connections in my environment—from people and culture, to society, social media and universal human truths, ultimately to share personal and beautiful and useful design. i am presently based in los angeles, california. download full resume here

TL;DR: i'm abigail. i'm a designer in LA. i like things clean and tight. lol.