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fender guitars


holiday campaign takeover for Fender's digital site, promoting their guitar-teaching app. [tone: gender-neutral, graphic, eye-catching].


objective | to attract young people (who are heavily involved in the digital age) to play guitar again, and compete with the ever-growing industry of synthesizers and digital music machines. by bringing attention to this digital app, we are being more accessible—showing that it's not so difficult to learn how to play guitar. this holiday campaign was the first launch with the app's reduced pricing, and 30-day free trial.


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big idea | Fender is the best known brand in guitars, so the Fender Play app is trying to adapt to the modern player—one who needs their lessons on demand, that is easily accessible and portable, and in an environment that is free of judgement. Lessons are customized, catered and paced to each player depending on genre and experience. Through holiday pricing, we are introducing a lower rate, encouraging people to treat themselves, or give this experience as a gift to others. 


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