abigail chu

han yang

han yang


a writer, named hannah yang, wants to make her mark in the world of poetry with her own branded symbol [tone: modernized, moody, cultural].


final logo design


objective | to conceptualize a personal pen name stamp that can be used as the client's signature for all her written pieces. with my art history background and Korean ancestry, i knew that i wanted to allude to Korean dojangs, which is a personal traditional stone or wood stamp used to sign official documents. they have been used in Korea since the second century b.c. and are still used today. i also wanted to play on the client's full name, meshing it together with the word, hanyang, which was the old name for the capital of Korea. all these ideas needed to come together to form one graphic identity.


full style guide pdf


big idea | to be able to take personal cues from the client, yet still draw social and aesthetic significance from history to reflect, maintain, and remind both the client and reader what the poem (art/work) is all about.


samples in context