abigail chu

fashion quarterly

fashion quarterly


photoshoot art direction and layout design for UCSD's premier on-campus fashion magazine [tone: chic, modern, sophisticated].


objective | to create dynamic editorials as the feature of the quarterly magazine—from start to finish. as a small team, we scouted aspiring models to work with us at no cost. we discussed and determined trends and concepts, and then did anything it took to find the appropriate attire—from raiding friends' closets, to DIY or even buying and returning items from stores. we then scouted awesome locations in which to direct photoshoots. we did not compromise on our vision and overcame financial obstacles.


"his and her androgyny" editorial shoot


sample mock


"mixed" editorial shoot


sample mock


big idea | to show the world that financial limitations could not stop our passions. we wanted to reflect and showcase the high-quality content of our young team of photographers, stylists, journalists, bloggers and even make-up artists.


"industriel" editorial shoot


sample mock


*photography done by yours truly in the last shoot.